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Lemon Zest

5 Ways To Use Left Over Fruit Peals

Here is some good ideas on how to use your peals, instead of just discarding the skin.

  • Add to juice that calls for it, in your recipes. It will give your recipes added flavors.
  • Add to home made cleaning solutions. It give a great smell and helps kill germs.
  • Making your own citrus salt. Just add zest to your favorite sea salt.
  • Adding to meat marinades and vegetables. It keeps your food looking and tasting fresh.
  • Putting the peals in the garbage disposal, which ads a fruity smell and cleans the blades.

How To Roll A Restaurant Burrito

A while ago, I learned how to roll a burrito like they do at restaurants. Making burrito’s at home can help you save money and create your own ingredients. Here are the instructions.

Heat a tortilla  in the microware for 20 seconds on a plate. Place the mixture toward the front of the tortilla.

picture of step 1

Step 1

Turn both of the end sides inward holing it together. Then roll up the burrito tight on a piece of aluminum foil.

Burrito Making Tutorial

Step 2

Once rolled, roll again while attaching the foil with the burrito. Then twist the ends tight for a good seal.

folding burrito in foil

Step 3

For a firm shape, let it set aside for a few minutes, or place in the refrigerator for left overs.

finished burrito