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Lemon Zest

5 Ways To Use Left Over Fruit Peals

Here is some good ideas on how to use your peals, instead of just discarding the skin.

  • Add to juice that calls for it, in your recipes. It will give your recipes added flavors.
  • Add to home made cleaning solutions. It give a great smell and helps kill germs.
  • Making your own citrus salt. Just add zest to your favorite sea salt.
  • Adding to meat marinades and vegetables. It keeps your food looking and tasting fresh.
  • Putting the peals in the garbage disposal, which ads a fruity smell and cleans the blades.

Why Popcorn is the Cheapest Snack

Eating popcorn, is a frugal persons dream snack. It  also, has a lot of benefits compared to other snacks, such as potato chips and candy. For example, eating popcorn instead of ice cream at night, saves calories and leaves you feeling fuller. furthermore, it has high dietary fiber qualities compared to the empty calories in ice cream. Remember not to pound on the butter after popping yourself a batch. Adding healthy alternatives, like herbs and oils are most commonly used to keep the calorie count down.

It’s also, very inexpensive costing no more than a few dollars a bag. Which will result in paying a quarter or two per serving. For a single person, it can last 1 or 2 weeks depending on your appetite. Whole grain popcorn should be added to the hall of fame, on the cheap snack list.

My favorite popcorn recipe is cayenne pepper with olive oil. The olive oil and cayenne sore in nutrition value and quality. The olive oil has omega 3 fatty acids, keeping your heart healthy. It’s also, good for your skin looking healthy and vibrant. The cayenne pepper is rich in vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin c, b6e, potassium, zinc, and calcium.

When your craving for a mid night snack;  Popcorn is your best friend and will pay off at the end of your day.

Follow the instructions on the back of your bag of popcorn. Then drizzle the olive oil over the popcorn with a few dashes of cayenne pepper.