mexican breakfast burrito recipe

How To Roll A Restaurant Burrito

A while ago, I learned how to roll a burrito like they do at restaurants. Making burrito’s at home can help you save money and create your own ingredients. Here are the instructions.

Heat a tortilla  in the microware for 20 seconds on a plate. Place the mixture toward the front of the tortilla.

picture of step 1

Step 1

Turn both of the end sides inward holing it together. Then roll up the burrito tight on a piece of aluminum foil.

Burrito Making Tutorial

Step 2

Once rolled, roll again while attaching the foil with the burrito. Then twist the ends tight for a good seal.

folding burrito in foil

Step 3

For a firm shape, let it set aside for a few minutes, or place in the refrigerator for left overs.

finished burrito



Mexican Burrito

Picture of Mexican Burrito

Burrito Mexican Fast Food

Tonight was a combo night for me. What do I mean when I say combo night? Its when you combine foods from different food sources. I bought a pre-packaged shoulder butt, that was already seasoned to make Mexican Burritos. It was on sale for $5.43, saving me about $11.68. I also went and got some Spanish rice and hot sauce from a famous Mexican fast food place. It was cheap, and I’m not really good at cooking Spanish rice.

The burrito turned out really well, after cooking the meat for about 2 1/2 hours. The whole house was smelling good. I cant say it looked really good, with my paper plate presentation. It got the job done, Plus there will be a bunch of left overs. I will defiantly be using the rest of my tortious, for my Mexican breakfast burrito recipe in the near future. The good news is, I only have to wash the bowl after this tasty meal