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How To Roll A Restaurant Burrito

A while ago, I learned how to roll a burrito like they do at restaurants. Making burrito’s at home can help you save money and create your own ingredients. Here are the instructions.

Heat a tortilla  in the microware for 20 seconds on a plate. Place the mixture toward the front of the tortilla.

picture of step 1

Step 1

Turn both of the end sides inward holing it together. Then roll up the burrito tight on a piece of aluminum foil.

Burrito Making Tutorial

Step 2

Once rolled, roll again while attaching the foil with the burrito. Then twist the ends tight for a good seal.

folding burrito in foil

Step 3

For a firm shape, let it set aside for a few minutes, or place in the refrigerator for left overs.

finished burrito


a picture of baked chicken and sweet potato's

My Cheap Deli Chicken Adventure

Buying baked chicken in the deli department seems being lazy and cheap at times. Anticipating the hot plastic bag that it comes in, can be dreadful. In my head, I’m wondering how long have this chicken been sitting in that glass display. I tell myself, its fresh; It doesn’t look so fat and bulgy. In the meat department, I saw a whole defrosted chicken that looked like Barry Bonds on steroids.

picture of sweet potato's

Baked Ginger and Cinnamon Sweet Potato’s.

Never the less, I decided to balance it out with some fresh, baked sweet potato’s. There one of the cheapest and healthiest super foods at the store. I enjoy the sweet natural taste, of the sticky honey texture. I bake them in the oven for 30 minutes on 350 degrees. To add more sweetest, I like to add some ginger and cinnamon powder, with a touch of salt. I cut them up, like little tater tots to speed up the cooking. After 10 minutes, I add the chicken to heat it up and  balance it out with the potato’s.

I have to say; after eating this meal, I actually enjoyed my lunch adventure for the price. In total, it came out to be a $2.75 meal. You cant beat that, when your on a budget. It was a healthy meal, that is if your not a vegan or vegetarian.